Why use a wine cooler?

Like all natural and perishable foods, the cocktails change due to its surrounding environment. The cool storage environment and constant temperature ensure that the original quality characteristics of the wine are not lost. This is why wine lovers choose wine cabinets. main reason.
The bottle should always be stored flat so that the wine is in contact with the cork. This keeps the humidity of the cork and the good sealing effect of the bottle, preventing the air from entering and causing oxidation and ripening of the wine. When the bottle is placed vertically, there is a gap between the wine and the cork. Therefore, the wine is placed in the best position, and the level of the wine must be at least the bottleneck.
Constant temperature and consistency
Temperature is one of the important factors in storing wine, and it is equally important to maintain temperature stability. The composition of the wine will be affected by the temperature change, and the cork will also expand and contract with the temperature change, especially the long-term poor cork. Most wine cabinets are equipped with a heater or PTC that raises the internal temperature to maintain temperature stability regardless of changes in ambient temperature. The air inside the cabinet is also protected by a built-in fan to ensure uniformity and consistency of temperature distribution at different locations within the wine cabinet.
Relative humidity of 65% is the best environment for long-term storage. However, it is also good to keep the relative humidity between 55% and 80%. If the humidity is low, the air will enter the bottle through the dried cork and oxidize the wine, and the wine will also penetrate into the cork; if the humidity is high, it will produce odor and damage the label. The relative humidity of our compressor wine cabinets is stable at around 65%. The actual humidity in the cabinet can be tested with a hygrometer. Our products have specially designed water storage tanks, which are installed on the top of the cabinet and are suitable for adjusting the relative humidity due to changes in ambient temperature.
Frequent vibrations can interfere with the stability of the wine sediment. The sediment naturally occurs with the storage time of the wine, but may be returned to the liquid state due to vibration and suppressed. In addition, vibration can also destroy the structural components of the wine. High-tech silent shock absorber compressor refrigeration system in the wine cabinet, equipped with anti-vibration rubber gasket, more precise temperature control and no condensation, carefully care for the famous wine
Air circulation
In a humid environment, the circulation of air is mainly to prevent the growth of bacteria. The infiltrated cork is prone to harmful odors, and the strong odor penetrates the cork to change the original quality of the wine. The fan inside the box absorbs fresh air and evenly evacuates the air to prevent bacterial growth.
Ultraviolet light
UV damage to organic compounds can make wine premature or aging, especially tannins, which mainly affect the aroma, taste and structure of the wine, so that it tastes or smells like garlic or wet wool; therefore, the wine is best stored in no light. Places, especially for expensive wines, pay attention to avoiding sunlight, especially lighting, because these two lights contain special harmful light waves below 400mm. However, our white LED lights are not only lighting equipment, but because they do not contain ultraviolet light waves, they are the best choice for many wine lovers. Another advantage is that they do not conduct heat to affect the temperature of the wine.