Green door shopping, health is more important than anything else

First, the environmental performance of the door
With the increasing popularity of green building materials and changes in people's consumption philosophy. The environmental performance of the door has attracted more and more attention. In order to ensure the environmental performance of wooden doors, the design must be considered from two aspects.
On the one hand, choose green and environmentally friendly non-polluting raw and auxiliary materials. We selected the first batch of Bardez won the China Environmental Protection Product Certification for wood-based panels and adhesives, and selected environmental labeling products recognized by authoritative organizations. Moreover, the moisture content of wood-based panels and wood should be compatible with the local equilibrium water content. It is not advisable to use raw and auxiliary materials with higher water content, because the other conditions are the same, the higher the moisture content of the material, the release rate of harmful substances such as formaldehyde. The sooner.
On the other hand, choose the right processing technology. For example: when hot pressing, choose the appropriate amount of glue, the appropriate temperature, pressure and pressurization time; the sealing edge should be as tight as possible. The amount of harmful substances released in the product is reduced to a minimum under certain conditions. Take the green wooden door produced by Beijing Timber Factory as an example: according to GB18584-2001 (limited amount of harmful materials in wooden furniture for interior decoration materials) and JG/T122-2001 "Building wooden doors, wooden windows" Finished door requirements: formaldehyde emission: E11. 5/L can be used directly indoors; E25.0/L must be finished for interior use after finishing treatment. The environmentally-friendly wooden door products of the Beijing Lumber Factory have reached 0.6/L, which is an E1 standard. As a wooden door manufacturer, we have always adhered to the environmental protection first. Improving the environmental protection of products, greatly reducing the amount of formaldehyde released from wooden doors and reducing the pollution level to the indoor living environment is not only the performance of the company's strength, but also the inevitable requirement for enhancing corporate social responsibility.
Second, the use of the door
The function of the door is the most practical and fundamental problem of the door. Commonly used functions include: door opening performance, door insulation performance, door sound insulation performance, door fire performance, door anti-theft performance, external door wind pressure deformation performance, external door air permeability and rainwater seepage Leakage performance, overall strength of the door. These are the top issues we consider in our design.
When designing, the function of the wooden door should be determined for different use places and use parts of the wooden door. Then, these features are reflected in the design process. In order to achieve these functions, we strictly consider the selection of materials and processes in the first place.
In the selection of materials, the use of raw materials with high damage strength; the selection of raw materials with relatively loose structure, thermal insulation and sound insulation; the selection of non-flammable or flame-retarded raw materials.
From the process, consider the nodes that are easy to implement the above functions. For example, a sealing strip is added at the joint between the door frame and the door leaf, the door leaf and the door leaf; the joint between the door frame and the door leaf, the door leaf and the door leaf ensures a suitable gap and other suitable structures.
Third, the decorative effect of the door
With the advent of the technology era, the wooden door is more quality and elegant under the packaging of modern craftsmanship, allowing consumers to experience the new feeling of new life ahead of time. When you open the door, you will really enter the world of your own love and leisure. Away from the dust, all kinds of troubles are swept away, and the various wooden doors create a sense of style and style. The taste of the wood in the wooden door is filled with relaxed comfort and atmosphere. therefore. People are paying more and more attention to the decorative effect of the door. This requires that in the design, first of all, we must choose the shape of the door, or the combination of European-style carving, or combination of styles, or ancient charm, or simple and clear, to create a different room atmosphere.
Secondly, choose the appropriate door leaf and door frame material. The natural noble black walnut, Sapele, cherry, ash, teak, wood, etc., is the green door, green, environmental protection, grade, effect, and other materials than the other categories, better. The ingenious design allows every detail to chew a rich cultural flavor. Then, choose the hardware that matches the quality of the door, so that the hardware plays the role of finishing touch, and the indoor environment is vivid and intimate.
Choosing different door leaf thicknesses, reflecting or deep dignity or easy and bright feeling, so that the wooden door is no longer just a functional facility for sheltering people from the wind and rain, dividing space, but also a combination of traditional culture and modern technology. It is not only the first threshold, but also a "heart" that leads to the depths of people's hearts.
Different paint types and colors, such as: clear oil, mixed oil; light, matte; full dumb, semi-dumb, seven-point dumb, etc., also highlight different styles. This kind of product is no longer a simple product that can be used for people to switch. It is a craft, an aesthetic point of view, a carrier of fraternity, a symbol of freedom, an ideal way of life and life. It carries the culture of the owner and conveys the information and values of the owner.
Fourth, choose the appropriate processing technology
In the process of selecting a product, it is necessary to consider not only the operability of the process but also the quality of the product. This quality includes not only the high quality standards of the starting point, the rigorous process flow, the intricate production and processing, the perfect process experience, but also the timely and perfect after-sales service system and pre-sales technical support. It reflects a kind of "supreme elegance, interpretation of extraordinary taste, fine carving, sharing classic values".