President nano environmental protection wooden door, do you really understand it?
President Nano environmental protection wooden door, the advantages are as follows
Low carbon environmental protection
All surface treatments are made of environmentally friendly materials and do not contain paint components. The decorated rooms have no peculiar smell and no harmful ingredients to the human body. Completely bid farewell to formaldehyde and truly achieve zero carbon and zero emissions.
thermal insulation  
Tested by the national authority, the indoor temperature difference between the room installed with our products and ordinary decoration materials is 7 degrees, and the difference is 10 degrees compared with paint. It is the best material for wall decoration in the hot summer in the south and cold winter in the north. This product has unique heat insulation performance. It can solve the intensity of direct sunlight when the product is applied to the top of the balcony, sun room and villa. If the inverter air conditioner is used, it can achieve obvious energy saving effect. It is an environmentally friendly material strongly recommended by the country.
Anti-corrosion and durable
High strength, good toughness, light weight, shock resistance, no deformation, no aging, creep resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
Moisture and waterproof
Good moisture-proof performance, better suitable for humid areas, water vapor and moisture are difficult to enter, the indoor is dry and comfortable, no water seepage, no water leakage, get rid of the wall mold trouble.
Easy to clean
The surface is treated with foreign advanced technology, which is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also easy to clean and hygienic. It can be directly scrubbed with water without foaming and deformation.
Stylish and elegant
Variety of varieties, a wide range of colors, freely designed according to personal preferences, freely collocation. Western European style, Athenian charm, Chinese tradition, Roman style, French splendor, high-end style, elegant and unique style. Demonstrate free personality and highlight unique charm.
Save time and labor
In the design, the traditional gusset plate installation method can be directly bent, joined and folded. The rough wall can be directly installed in one step. The installation is not cumbersome, and the decoration cycle is greatly reduced by ordinary woodworkers.
Super sound insulation
Tested by the national authority, the sound insulation effect can reach up to 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of a real wall.
Super hardness
Adopting German imported nanotechnology, combined with all wood, enhanced hardness and strength, anti-impact, anti-friction, and not afraid of scratches.