Analysis of the difference between the major wooden doors
Facing the dazzling array of building materials market, there are log doors, solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors...Do these statements on the market make you very confused? And how much do you know about the various differences of wooden doors? Which details of the door require your special attention? Don't worry about it. Today, I will analyze the differences between the big wooden doors for consumers, and strive to let consumers buy the "heart water door".
Log door
As a high-end consumer product, the quality requirements of the original wooden door process are unmatched by solid wood doors in terms of material selection, production process and the value of the finished product. The material selection of the original wooden door is very particular. Because the interior and exterior are made of uniform materials, it can be spliced smoothly with only a small amount of environmentally friendly glue, with strong sound insulation, good texture, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly functions. The dark-colored log doors give people a sense of dignity and stability, while the light-colored log doors give people a warm feeling, because all the original woods have different textures and colors. In addition, the log door log exudes a refreshing natural fragrance, has a biological regulation function, can enhance human immunity, stabilize human pulse number and reduce fatigue.
As the most researched manufacturer of log doors in the wooden door industry, it can be said that the honor of "Raw Wooden Doors" is very right to speak, and the design and style of the original wooden doors produced in China are the same. Raw wood is carefully selected directly from abroad, pays attention to wood health and manufacturing technology, product design roots in tradition, keeps pace with the times, draws on classic and fashionable wooden door art from all over the world, and combines modern precision technology with traditional hand-carving techniques to give The natural and lasting humanistic and artistic magic of solid wood doors embodies the noble, luxurious and classic artistic value, and demonstrates the noble and luxurious taste of the homeowner.
"Raw wooden doors are not only the embodiment of wealth, but also the embodiment of taste. Those who choose log doors are either rich or noble. They pursue the true color and luxury of logs. Therefore, log doors are suitable for people with high taste in life and culture and high pursuit of life. "Therefore, if you live in a community, a mansion, or how you feel about life and pursuing taste, you may wish to consider it.
Solid Wood Door
From the perspective of the concept of solid wood doors, solid wood doors refer to wooden doors made of solid wood or laminated timber of the same tree species or similar properties. The solid wood door is made of natural logs from the forest as the door core, after drying, and then scientifically processed by cutting, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling and other processes. The finished door after processing has no deformation , Corrosion resistance, no cracks, heat insulation and other characteristics.
According to a more experienced door master, if you want to distinguish between a log door and a solid wood door, you can usually distinguish it from the wood grain and the stubble. In addition, the difference between the solid wood door and the log door is that the inside of the solid wood door is made of small pieces of wood through glue splicing, and the outside is made of solid wood leather. The pure wood color is relatively easy to distinguish. It must be distinguished before it is painted. Some, spray paint is more difficult to distinguish.
In general, solid wood doors are beautiful in appearance and diverse in styles, and there is not much difference in appearance from original wooden doors. Although the price is lower than that of original wooden doors, because they are spliced with small materials, they will inevitably use more Glue is therefore not environmentally friendly. At the same time, it lacks the natural texture of logs and cannot be hand-carved like logs. If you are only a consumer who is purely looking for appearance, and the funds are not compact, you can choose solid wood doors.
Compound door
As for the composite door, it is our common solid wood composite door. The door cores of solid wood composite doors are mostly made of pine, fir or imported filling materials. MDF and solid wood veneer are pasted on the outside, which are made after high-temperature hot pressing, and are sealed with solid wood lines. The solid wood composite door also has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardant, etc., and the sound insulation effect is basically the same as that of the solid wood door.
Generally speaking, the solid wood composite door has the characteristics of smooth hand feeling, soft color, strong and durable, and not easy to crack. But the sales staff remind everyone that the grade of solid wood composite doors is not high, so the price is not as high as log doors and solid wood doors, which is suitable for middle-income groups, such as young working class. In addition, it is heavier than ordinary solid wood doors, and there is no original wooden door environmentally friendly.
The door is the "finishing finishing touch" of the house. The door can also reflect a person's self-cultivation, cultivation and taste. You must understand the tricks when choosing a door, learn to recognize different types of doors, and look at the finish; second, composition; third, material ;Four look at workmanship. As long as you master these "four views", you will not be difficult to distinguish the category of the door in the maze of doors, and you can choose the "heart water door" to realize the "door to door".