What is the difference between a full wooden door and a solid wood door?
In fact, the whole wooden door belongs to a small classification of solid wood doors, because the solid wood doors are divided into three types: full wood, half glass and full glass. The specific features of the two are described below.
All wooden doors means that all materials of the whole door are made of wood, no metal, glass, etc. It is generally made of all natural logs, and the balance layer is replaced by plywood instead of MDF. Naturally environmentally friendly, and very stable, there are also many choices in style to meet the different needs of different consumers.
There may be people worried that it can't withstand the wind and the sun. In fact, this is completely superfluous. The current production process is very advanced. It can make the whole wooden door very strong and firm, not deformed, and after choosing this kind of door. Professional insecticides can be sprayed on the raw materials, and then the details of each place are carefully waxed and then painted. In this case, there are few cases of insects in the whole wooden door.
The whole wooden door is relatively complicated in the manufacturer, because the most natural raw materials have to be treated with various lacquer finishes and delicate splicing treatments. The lacquering process requires 3 primers, 7 finishes, 7 paints. And all must use environmentally friendly paint. When splicing, it must ensure that the pure wood is assembled with wood, without fingering, so the cost of this material is relatively high.