What are the advantages of the whole house custom wood?
In recent years, real estate is everywhere in the development of new real estate, the design of real estate has changed thousands of times, the type of housing is more diverse, the style of home decoration is also more colorful, and the furniture style in the furniture market is general, there is no innovation to point out, maybe the type There is a big discrepancy, and consumption is becoming more and more personalized and differentiated. Tailored custom furniture on the furniture stage
1. Help to accurately grasp the style
The whole house can be customized with furniture to see the custom furniture, and tell him the size, so that the designer can understand the style you like through the furniture, and integrate the product into his design, making the whole The style of the home is unified. The designer will also make some changes in the layout of the room according to the size of the furniture, so that there will be no reluctance to cut some furniture in order to cater to the design style.
2. Can follow the furniture design space
Generally, when the funds permit, everyone will give some small pieces of furniture such as shoe cabinets and Duobao to the decoration company for the convenience of the province. It is considered that this not only saves time and effort, but also avoids the size of the furniture they purchase. The right question. However, the furniture made by the decoration company paid too much attention to the use of the function, which could not satisfy the consumer's demand for fashionable home. If these furniture are fixed in advance before the renovation, these troubles will be avoided, because the structure of the house is now flexible, and many spaces can be opened and cut off at will.
3. Reduce unnecessary expenses
Customizing furniture is an effective way to control the cost of renovation. The people who have renovated have known that the final decoration styles basically exceed the original budget, because there are often some unpredictable additions in the decoration process. For example, there will be some more cabinets, and the consumption of materials will naturally More, the construction period is longer, not much, but also much more money, which is not reflected in the original quotation of the decoration company.
4. Save time and effort to save time
The home market is of a comprehensive nature. When you visit building materials, you can also look at the furniture by the way. If there is a suitable one, you can set it down. One can let the designer have the goal, and the other can reduce the number of visits to the building materials city. Peace of mind and effort. Nowadays, many consumers prefer pure imported furniture. Many special imported pure furniture have a waiting period of at least one month, because it takes a certain amount of time to make and transport. However, before the renovation, the furniture, especially the wardrobe and the cloakroom, was fixed. The decoration was over, and the custom furniture was just ready for delivery, so that the time for moving can be at least half a month earlier.