Our advantage

Presidential wooden door, full range of private custom services

  • High quality raw material
    High quality raw material
    We use waterproof expensive Luan wood making the wooden frame of the door leaf. We use high quality 2.5mm thickness WPC board to improve the ductility of the door leaf,  We use advanced technology of high pressure injection of styrofoam to fill the door, so that the door is evenly filled. At the same time the sound insulation is also the best. We are always try our best to create a set of beautiful, functional as one of the modern interior doors.
  • waterproof
    Our WPC door use waterproof wood frame and WPC board to improve the door waterproof function. Our door can use in a humid environment. 
  • Wood processing, exquisite ancient method
    Wood processing, exquisite ancient method
    Presidential wood art condenses the essence of Chinese culture, precipitating the inheritance of classic wood art, integrating ancient techniques into the whole wood customization, and activating the new posture of wood with aesthetics. Following the art of the master craftsmanship of the oriental wood, the tree, the wood, the turn and the fold use the structure of the concave and convex, vivid and exquisite carving, showing the mysterious and artistic beauty of the thousands of years.
  • Raw material supply, natural wood
    Raw material supply, natural wood
    President Wood Gate has reached a strategic partnership with global quality timber providers, selecting quality woods in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia, pursuing the nature of the home, and allowing you to feel the call from the mountains in your city. Before the production, the wood will be steamed and fumigated, and the cloud will remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde. The world's top ingredients will be used together with imported high-tech UV paint to ensure your home is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • The carvings are vivid and polished
    The carvings are vivid and polished
    The president inherits ancient crafts, and is closely integrated with emerging technologies. It inherits the historical characteristics of the torrents, blends modern culture, art, and architectural souls. It forms a new wooden art concept in the collision between tradition and modernity, through carving, engraving, repairing and grinding. By means of technical techniques, master the masterful wooden works with vivid form, reasonable structure, clear outline and smooth lines.
  • Dedicated top grade raw materials, fine selection of ingredients
    Dedicated top grade raw materials, fine selection of ingredients
    The President’s wooden doors are based on centuries-old trees in the virgin forests of the United States, Russia, and the Amazon, Africa, and Myanmar, such as pears, mahogany, sapele, and red oak. The wood itself is heavy, hard, insect-proof and smash-proof. Rugged and excellent performance.
  • Demanding materials
    Demanding materials
    The president has strict regulations on the age, diameter, stability, wood texture and texture of the wood. Only the fine wood that has been strictly selected can enter the production process, a precious century-old tree, in line with us. The required wood is often only 40%. So carefully selected, just to satisfy your always critical eye.
  • Balanced dehumidification treatment, scientific drying of wood
    Balanced dehumidification treatment, scientific drying of wood
    The President introduced the world's latest wood dehumidification and drying equipment, and has the most complete wood balance dehumidification technology. In the process of dehumidification, the original texture of the wood is retained to the utmost extent. The scientific drying method is used to repeatedly ensure the drying. The stability of the wood also improves the processing properties, performance and durability of the wood.
  • sun mao assembly
    sun mao assembly
    The President's wooden door absorbs the profound cultural and artistic heritage of the Chinese clan, inherits the traditional craftsmanship of the Chinese clan, and is elegant, soft and not weak, with strict structure and fine workmanship. The various parts of the structure are beautiful and strengthened. Firmness is the perfect combination of science and art to create a home art with a high aesthetic value.
  • Excellent hardware accessories
    Excellent hardware accessories
    The position of hardware accessories in furniture is very important. In addition to the material factors, the configuration of hardware accessories is an important difference between high-end and low-grade furniture. President Wood is perfect, and pursues excellence in any detail. President's Wood The quality is high, creating a high-quality living space. The president's hardware accessories are like the elves in the space, and they defend the calm and tranquility of the furniture with due diligence.